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A full-time model with agency Mannequin Studio, Cherie Alexis is a confessed sneakers and boots kind of girl who centers herself around alternative fashion styles. Cherie’s portfolio has seen her work with established brands like Sephora, Charles and Keith while also having shot lookbooks during her time in Korea.  


What did you have to fight against to become a GAME CHANGER? 


Everyone struggles with something, and I had to fight against self-image issues, depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder, which even led to me trying to take my life. Hopefully, it will allow others to realize that there's no need to apologize for struggling and that it's fine not to be perfect all the time. ​​

What is your defining moment as a GAME CHANGER?


Having spent a huge part of my life chasing what many deem as achievements, I decided to move to Seoul about a year and a half ago to live on my own. I picked up a new language and tried modeling on a freelance basis. That entire experience unveiled the kind of person I wanted to be. Coupled with the support of my parents, I've chosen to try my dream career, which is modeling.

What will be your advice to others?


Choose your struggles and battles. Accept your flaws and search for outlets worth your time and energy. Never expect everything to be handed to you on a silver platter. Never do unto others what you wouldn't others to do unto you. Most importantly, know that you can never please everyone and there are bigger things to worry about. Take chances because what would the point of being alive be if you don't live a little?