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Towering at 2m, Delvin Goh was a standout among his peers. Combining his great physique with skills and talent, Delvin turned professional at a tender age of 16 when he played for the Singapore Slingers. Nicknamed as the wonderkid, he went on to represent Singapore national basketball team and has been a mainstay ever since.  


What did you have to fight against to become a GAME CHANGER? 


Doubts. When I was a young player, despite putting in a lot of hard work and effort, I was told that I am nothing without my height. Those negative comments affected me, and doubts started to creep into me. My confidence was at an all-time low. I began to feel that maybe I'm just not good enough for basketball and I would not be able to achieve the results that I wanted. Thankfully after some time, I was able to pull myself together, worked even harder on my technics, and added versatility to my game. 

What is your defining moment as a GAME CHANGER?


While I take pride in representing the Singapore national team and signing my professional contract at 16, I feel that the ability to give back to the community, to be a coach, a role model, a mentor to the young players gives me a greater sense of achievement. 


Back in the days when I was a young player, there wasn't any local professional player, so there wasn't anyone to show me that I can carve a career or I can make a living as a basketballer.

What will be your advice to others?


Always remember why you started, hold that special reason close to your heart. On tough days, days that you feel like giving up, turn to it for extra strength, and it might bring you across the line. Also, one of my favorite quotes is, "Respect All, Fear None”.