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Timothy Ivan is the founder of an independent streetwear brand, Pras The Bandit which was founded in 2011 and produced a range of apparels from tees to sneakers. Through the years, Pras The Bandit’s stock has risen, and it has already collaborated with the likes of VANS, Robinsons, and Sole Superior.  

What did you have to fight against to become a GAME CHANGER?

Being a local artist back when it was tough to gain traction among the community due to a lack of substantial resources. It was challenging to reach out to fellow enthusiasts who may be appreciative of the artistic values. By not giving up and continuing to believe, I am thus able to produce a distinct style of mine and enjoy the small successes I have today. 


What is your defining moment as a GAME CHANGER? 


The decision to put myself out in the market despite having little experience in apparel production. I was subsequently introduced and exposed to the industry insiders out there who offered constructive criticism and guidance, helping the brand to grow to what it is today.


What will be your advice to others?


To all aspiring artists and new brand owners out there, stay determined, and value originality. Never lose sight of your goals, and with time, you will achieve the big breaks and opportunities you so deserve.