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Background Information 


A skateboarding enthusiast, Juffrie is an aspiring director and cinematographer who has shot videos for mainly music, fashion, and travel. Equally adept at photography, he has collaborated with the well-established brands around the world and his work can be found at byjuffrie.com.

What did you have to fight against to become a gamechanger? 


I was a new kid on the block, and I was young. I guess the challenge I had was earning the trust of clients. Thankfully a lot of them took their chance and gave me the opportunity. Some of my clients then are not only existing clients now, but we become good friends, and we consistently collaborate for projects. 

What is your defining moment as a gamechanger?


As a teenager, I’ve always consumed skateboarding magazines and vcds and wanted to take photos and shoot skateboarding videos like those I grew up watching. When I finally got a camera as a gift, I document every adventure and craft something out of it. Somehow my work got noticed and that opened doors to more significant opportunities like shooting tv commercials. I guess the defining moment was when I get to put skateboarding perspective (angles/motion) into the commercial world.

What will be your advice to others?


Do it with your heart, give your best, never worry about what others might think of you or your work, make smart decisions, and always stay humble.