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A graduate from the Singapore Sports School, Kerstin Ong picked up hurdling from a very young age. The bubbly and cheerful fitness enthusiast has since gone on to represent Singapore in track and field hurdling competitions, both locally and internationally.  

What did you have to fight against to become a gamechanger? 

I had to fight against my weak mental strength, which affects my performance when it’s time to perform. I would do very well during training, but I put myself under so much pressure that I crumble instead. I know I cannot let this go on, and I had to change. Mental strength is important, and I’m glad I can now put on a tough fight even with the pressure. 

What is your defining moment as a gamechanger?


I fell in my first hurdle race 10 years ago and came in last third. I was envious of those who make it into the finals and attained that shiny metal biscuit looking medal. Hungry and determined, I decided to pour the next 10 years putting in the effort and sacrifices to know how much I can improve and how fast I can get.


What will be your advice to others?


Maybe it won’t work out, but seeing if it does will be the best thing ever. So go for it and have no regrets!