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A full-time teacher at Sejong Korean Language School in Singapore, Kyung Hoon is also a well-known hip hop dancer who has performed both locally and internationally. His other talents include acting and emceeing, where he has taken up projects from time to time. 

What did you have to fight against to become a GAME CHANGER?

My parents. They were skeptical about me teaching dance as a career and would question me day in day out, believing that it couldn’t last long and would tell me that dancing will lead me to failure. As I had exhausted every single cent in my bank account then, I had to scrimp and save as well.


What is your defining moment as a GAME CHANGER? 


In the second year of my university studies, I decided to pursue dance and hip-hop, so I self-funded my trip to Korea to take up lessons. I told myself that this is what I wanted, to teach Korean language and dance classes to support myself and do what I love and the rest, as they say, is history.


What will be your advice to others?


If you really like and want something, you will prioritize it and make it happen. Taste failures before yearning to taste success. Trust your gut feel. Take the risk because, at the end of the day, you only live once.