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Nicknamed the ‘Cat Lady’, Melissa Lim has been involved in the local street dance scene for a decade and is the pioneer in spearheading the local hip-hop and waacking movement. Known for her versatility in multiple dance genres, Melissa is also the leader of Singapore’s first all-female hip hop unit, Deep Ft.


What did you have to fight against to become a GAME CHANGER? 

I had to fight against the perception that we can never be seen as superior than people from outside of Singapore as well as the rules and conventional way to success. My biological clock also stood in my way. Unfortunately, we don’t usually have the luxury of time and it usually takes longer for us to be able to see the fruits of our labour.

What is your defining moment as a GAME CHANGER?


This may sound cheesy, but I already knew I wanted to become a dancer when I had the opportunity to perform as a kid. With the aim of changing the lives of people through inspiring and educating, I then aspired to become an instructor after I became a dancer. My life game keeps changing as I continue to grow in this journey of mine.

What will be your advice to others?


Believe in yourself. Nobody else is going to invest as much time and money. Always stay grounded and I have a life motto that goes, do it the heart way.