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From humble beginnings, Radeem Rahman made history by becoming Singapore’s first pro-MMA fighter in 2011. Since then, the ONE Championship-affiliated athlete has taken part in various competitions around the region and achieved great success along the way.  

What did you have to fight against to become a GAME CHANGER?

I had to fight against so many things. One of them was the stereotype that one cannot make a career out of participating in combat sport. To keep myself motivated, I had to think of my goals and dream so that I could continue to be hungry for success. 

What is your defining moment as a GAME CHANGER?


It all started as a hobby, but one of the reasons why I push myself to be a better version was after the loss of my best friend. He wanted to watch me compete live but unfortunately passed on. His family members told me to get into the cage and win it for him. I still visit his grave until today, and I wish he could see me in action in person.


What will be your advice to others?


If you have a dream, go after it. There are bound to be challenges along the way but never harbor thoughts of giving up. Failure is the mother of success. Believe in yourself and the impossible will eventually be possible one day.