Background Information 


Samantha Lo is a local-based contemporary artist who made headlines in 2012 when she was arrested for vandalism-related acts - which earned her the nickname 'Sticker Lady.' She has since worked with various brands and agencies and even held her first solo exhibition, the LIMPEH Show, in 2015. 

What did you have to fight against to become a gamechanger? 


Being a member of society with a public criminal charge, it feels like I have to work harder than the rest to prove myself. Many of my battles are fought in my head and channeling it through art can be a struggle. Through this, I have learned to be kind to myself and acknowledge that I wouldn’t be where I am today without a healthy support system.

What is your defining moment as a gamechanger?


It has to be the ‘Sticker Lady’ saga when I was arrested on the grounds of vandalism while practicing street art. What changed the way I looked at things was neither the arrest nor the impending charges, but the support I received from the public which touched me. It spurred me to work harder, because the work I created has always been inspired and, made for people.

What will be your advice to others?


It is natural to get lost along the way or be discouraged, thinking if it's all worth it or if you're good enough. Always remember that you are not alone. With every learning lesson and time spent on your art, your compass will eventually point in a clearer direction.

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