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Yinan Yin

After graduating from NUS with a Bachelor in Mathematics degree. I became a junior sales person in a small fashion boutique, taking a lower salary than my peers due to my passion in fashion and watches. I believed that I could work my way up in the industry and gain much experience along the way. After 4 years of fight and hard work, I am now a boutique manager at world's leading luxury watch brand.

Chloe. P

After I graduated from university with my degree in Finance, I started working for an assistance claim company. Less than 3 years later, I SHOCKED my family by resigning my job and joining an autism centre as coach for adults in the autism spectrum. 5 years later, I’m still loving my job and my family is very proud of me. To me, that’s absolutely a game changer decision & experience!

Don Ho

Not gifted enough to make a career out of football, the passion for the game made me an owner of a football academy for kids. By doing so, I hope to make the game more accessible to kids and for them to enjoy the beautiful game.

Alvin Looi

Maybe there will be times when you are feeling down and on the verge of giving up, but at the same time you are able to view it like a PROCESS rather than a lost cause, that’s a game changer moment. Nothing ends unless you give up, so keep working hard and smart. Eventually the results will come.


I couldn't speak a word of English when I first come to Singapore, now I am looking to publish my first English assessment book for students, I am a game changer.

Samuel Tan

Never really liked studying, ranked 2nd last once in class in primary school, looked down by my own sister for my lackluster results. It all changed when I found my passion in Sec 2. I am constantly improving myself and chasing after it even landing myself in one of the local uni. Finding your passion is the game changing moment in life.


I didn't fare well for O levels prelims and was sent to attend extra classes after school. As I was the only one from my class who had to go, I felt very embarrassed and was very disappointed with myself. Thankfully, my friends encouraged me and shared with me their study techniques. From there, I tweaked my way of revising and finally obtained a much better score for O levels.

Germaine Teoh

Despite the obstacles I had faced. I've never stop pursuing my dreams. I've always enjoyed DJing to a crowd of people and the challenge to read the crowd and choose the right song for them to get grooving to the beat is the hard part that we must face. At the end of the day when somebody walk up to you and thank you for the music is the best satisfaction you've ever get.

Edison Hoo

Football is my life, and my life is lots of football. Tearing my ACL while playing many years back crushed me totally. Bearing all the pain and hardship, I am still kicking a ball regularly today... Never stop the fight!

Koh Weng Guan

I play basketball. Always being burden in my offence, i found a new way to conquer the game which is rebounding!

Edward Choi

People don’t trust me in my work as an engineer. I was new. They don’t think I can pull through the mountains of works. They were wrong. Now without me, things cannot proceed smoothly.

Winston Cheong

4 years ago, I had my new born, it has been a game changer for both me and my wife. From changing diaper to bringing him to school now, everything is a learning lesson for us. Like they say, “To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today”


At 30 years old, I took up the challenge to be the Country Head of India for a then billion dollar startup. Never looked back since.

Eng Chuan

I have never been academically inclined. After completing my A levels in a centralised institution with suboptimal results, I enrolled into private universities and graduated with flying colours. My relatives were always saying that I could not get into a good job and will have slow career progression. I landed a role with an MNC and is now a team lead. Believe in yourself. Bring out the fight in you. Be a GAME CHANGER.

Jimmy L Tan

I was born into a poor family but hard work and meritocracy, together with good banks like DBS that provided me bank study loan at zero interest rates before I complete my conscription, helped me to break away from this poverty cycle and brought me to where I am today.

Giacomo Tomatis

I didn’t like watches when I was a kid, I didn’t like having thing a on my wrist. But on Christmas 2016 I got my first G-SHOCK, since now and then I own more than 4. My dad and myself are now both passionate about them.

Kelvin Tin

I have always been helping my mum to cook in the kitchen, and I enjoyed it a lot. But my mum was afraid that I would be a chef one day and would not have time for my loves one. After hearing her worries, I stand my grounds in becoming a chef as it is what I love to do. But it is a tough journey, as I have endured the harsh condition in the kitchen and also to keep myself healthy.


I have never been good in sports. Yesterday I wanted to prove myself that I need to have a change of games by enrolling to full marathon. Aim for breakthrough even how slow I progress.

CY Lee

I am a small built guy. I was initially rejected by uniformed services, but I fought hard & persisted. Today, I've successfully become a firefighter and a paramedic in my organization.

Kok Weng

Growing up with acrophobia, it took me many years to overcome it. I took the leap of faith to join leadership camps and stepping out of my comfort zone to conquer my fears in high elements activities. Ever since then, it dawned upon me that as long as you are willing to take the first step, nothing can stop you from doing better and be a better version of myself.


I often challenge myself to the limit. Being a perfectionist, I strive for perfection and completion in life even though people often say nothing is perfect. However, I believe nothing is impossible, this sentence brings me every single step closer to my goal each time I push myself building a strong will power to overcome every single obstacle in life!

Nevin Lim

I used to study mechanical engineering in polytechnic, and I don't feel that I belong in the course. I always feel that I belong somewhere else. I took 2 years of my life to think through and I decide to be a hawker.


Living from poverty since young enable me to realise and learn stability in life. Just like owning a G-SHOCK.

Jovan Lim

Applying for SPF for 4 times and didn't pass it quite discouraged but I never give up and will carry on trying until I get into SPF. :)

Ong Pei Mei

When I was taking PSLE, I was having a fever and did badly. My parents were disappointed with me as I went to "NT" while my sister got into "Express. Now I'm in ITE Higher Nitec, striving to go Polytechnic. I'm just taking a longer route, and perseverance is all I need. I want to show my parents that was disappointed at their child who got into ITE can make it. I want to be that game changer! :)

Charles Tai

5 years ago, I was diagnosed with slip disc. And 3 years ago, I started picking up Muay Thai to strengthen my core. Had my first amateur Muay Thai bout with competitor half my age and lost. That didn’t stop me from going further. I went to have my first pro fight in Thailand, Krabi. After, I got to get myself certified as a Muay Thai instructor.

Doreen Teo

My dad went bankrupt in my year one of polytechnic study. Switched to part time studies on my year 2 to start working so that my 2 younger brothers who were was in primary and secondary respectively can continue their studies. I completed my part time diploma study in another 3 years and my brothers graduated with diploma and degree :)

Gary Yang

It was go big or go home when I made the leap from corporate communications to digital comms. 6 years on, I am now a digital sports editor and sports ambassador.

Kah Hui

Everyone thought I'm crazy when I told them that I wanted to take a degree in design communications as I had never done well in school since young. I proved everyone wrong by graduating with a first class honours.

Lee Wei Ting

Growing up in an English school, I was always the odd one out as I am keen in Chinese language and literature. But I decided to follow my dreams and I went on to studying Chinese literature for my degree. It was never about fitting in. When I discover this, I realised that I should do what I love and that’s what will make me special and different.

Leong Jun Yang

I’m 24 this year. In my past, everyone has been telling me that I will not make it anywhere if I continue behaving the way I do. But I did not change no matter how many times I received those comments. Coming to the present, those who had gave those comments did not improve one bit. As for me, I take all those comments and improve on those that are meaningful.


Used to study engineering due to family pressure but head on to another direction to design! Breaking all odds and proofing the world that passion is everything!

Daniel Toh

I quit my job as an industrial designer and become a travelling trainer/lecturer providing my skills knowledge... I don’t have a stable income, but the beautiful life is what money can't buy!


Having a mid-career change is hard but due to interest in cyber security enforce me with motivations to go towards it and get more experience from it which will enables me to perform better in this field and within 2 years I was able to become a supervisor which makes it all worthwhile.

Annie Lim

Since young, I take a longer time to learn the different subjects in school. There are times where I wanted to quit but I persist on and continue to do my best because I believe that my hardwork will pay off eventually. In my finals, I always study many weeks in advance. Eventually, my overall grades shock me because I never gave up on my studies. I fought for myself by doing well in my studies.


I have never been good in sports. Yesterday I wanted to prove myself that I need to have a change of games by enrolling to full marathon. Aim for breakthrough even how slow I progress.

Janice Chew

There was a period during my primary school years when Baby-G and G-SHOCK were in. Coming from an average family with many kids, my mum worked extra hard just to put my first Baby-G on my wrist. This will always be a memorable moment I will never forget for the rest of my life


Ran a 10KM race at 9 years old and finishing it in 1hr and 6mins. As I grew older, I learned about the elusive sub 40-min 10km, I trained hard in hopes of breaking that time. My game changing moment came when I was 21, at the Safra Army Half Marathon where I did the 10km. And I did it, 39mins 30s. I'm proud of it, and will never stop trying to break my barrier, finding my game changing moments.


Standing at 162cm I did not make a good candidate as a footballer. Failed two local football trials at the age of 15. Giving up was never an option. Failure was a motivation for me. Now I am a professional football freestyler. A goal, and a dream of doing football has become a reality. I was not chosen. It was not about talent. It's all about the sweat and tears I've put in over the years.


My game changer was to change my job at 40 years old to improve my family’s life. Keep fighting. Never give up.

Zan Zhou YQ

It has been tough keeping a high standard among relatives, a hawker boy that gone through lots of up and down. The game change was when a friend of mine, introduces his friend to me and trusting me to build up a food store and giving me the chance to showcase my talents. I don't believe in stress out of limits, I believe in giving my best in every moment of my life.

Kai Zhi

When I was young, tough and strong wasn't in my dictionary. As time passed, experience and knowledge build a better me. Like G-SHOCK, build to be durable, tough and strong. G-SHOCK shape my life.


I met with a near-death cycling accident in 2013 and was left fully paralysed. Doctors told me that I could never walk again. Today I am a national Para Athlete, representing Singapore in the 1500m race and had the privilege of being the Silver Medallist in the 2015 ASEAN Para Games as well as the 2018 World Cerebral Palsy World Games. I’m currently training for the upcoming ASEAN Para Games and I hope to do Singapore proud.

Ho Wai Loon

When I was young, football was just a passion. I didn’t thought that football would become a part of me. The game changer moment for me is after Winning the RHB Singapore Cup with Balestier Khalsa in 2014 and that is where it all started and for being where I am now.

Karthikkesan Sugumar

My game changing moment came after 13 years of being in and out of institutions starting from Singapore Boys home all the way to Singapore Prisons. I was finally tired of it and decided to make a change. I studied again from scratch and I worked my way up to be a CEO of an MNC now. I'm also happily married and have a beautiful wife and son.


The first watch my parents bought me was G-SHOCK in secondary 1. Right now, I own a G-steel which I bought with money from my part time job as a student. I’m a future game changer on the rise.


I was once a normal junior college science student, studying for the sake of it and struggling to do well. I made the decision to change my game and pursue my passion in arts. Fast forward 4 years later, I have had 2 solo exhibitions, one in Singapore and one in Penang. Looking back, I'm glad I told myself it was never too late to change my game.

Yee Ron

G-SHOCK has been my favourite watch since I was young but was too poor to own one then. Now, I had built up my collection and Casio being innovative day by day and coming up with nicer and better models, I can only see my collection growing in the future. I love G-SHOCK.

Bryson Wong

Since young, G-Shock has always been the cool watch for kids around my age. I didn't give much thought about it until I got my very first square g-shock many years later, I've grown into loving the iconic design and brand even more. It's built like a tank, robust and tough. That's my game changer of how I view G-Shock watches.

Song Uiyoung

My game changing moment was in 2018 AFC competition Zonal Champion. It made history of SG football first winning for AFC final. I helped my team to win AFC Zonal final with my 9 goals of the competition matches.


I had a bad relationship before I knew my hubby. Hubby was a nice guy at workplace and we were movie buddies. After much pushing by my colleagues at work, he finally master his courage to ask me to be his Girlfriend. Fast forward, we are now happily married with 3 beautiful kids. Our first anniversary gift to each other was a couple G-SHOCK too.

Xie Riguang

When I was young, I was living a meaningless life. After joining army, it changes my life and know what is important and to live a more meaningful life by helping my teammate and my buddy. Do what you want and don’t regret.


Starting to learn music at the age of 30 is not an easy step, but I have never regret making that decision. Now I cannot live a day without playing my keyboard and singing along.

Jessie Koh

I was told that a girl should stick to demure arts like piano, embroidery and dance since young. Two years ago, after breaking away from a longstanding toxic relationship, I started taking Muay Thai classes and fell in love with it. Now, I run a modest Muay Thai/boxing gym with 5 other guys and this month, we're sending our first female fighter to competition. It's time that the game changed for us.

Woei Ning Lee

Nothing will change until you start to do it!

Benny Goh

When I was young .... I have a goal which was not perfect for my parents. I enjoyed and was determined toward it. It may upset them but now they are happy with my choice of job. And best of all.... they are proud of my achievements in my career.... in the retail industry!

Benny Yip

I always feel that I did not archive anything in my life. Therefore, I challenge myself to go skydive and also to complete a full marathon. It was a great feeling and also an achievement unlocked.

Fabien Foulon

I work as a Mental Health Sports Therapist in London. I have started to practice Calisthenics 7 years ago and became an athlete. This has definitely been a game changer in my life. I am now using my skills in Fitness and Calisthenics as an alternative form of therapy for the people I work with on a daily basis and I always wear my G-Shock doing so ^^.

Isa Halim

There’s always a time when people ask me what’s next after football, I must admit that I was worried at one point of time, Football have given me so much in life. I have been in the game my whole life gaining valuable experience throughout and sooner or later it will end, and I don’t want all that go to waste. So, I decided to become a coach, use my experience to contribute to Singapore football and pass down the knowledge to the younger generation and be part of their footballing journey!

Zhi Wei

Game changing moments is when the odds are not on your side but you never stop giving up and gave your team your all and nick a last minute goal in a football game.

Nawfal Harith

While I was serving my National Service in SCDF as a recruit, I wanted to push my limits, be the best version of myself and become a firefighter. Due to my size and height, everybody around me had their doubts. Those doubts were a driving force for me to prove all these people wrong. Months later, I became a Section Commander in the SCDF, the one who leads the firefighters.

Michelle Chin

Ever since young I have no passion in studies. Since Sec 1, I’m being look down by my friends and my parents did not have confident of me. At one point in life, I decided I want a change. I started working harder to achieve better grades. That allows me to jump form the last class to third class (total of 9 classes) in Sec 2. With great determination, we can all overcome obstacles.


Street wear and designing has always played a role in how I portray myself as an individual. Starting a local clothing label back in 2008, it was all good for a year until a new wave of trend hit the scene and everything went downhill. It was hard to end it. But it never stops me from doing what I enjoyed most. I continue pursuing a career in design and work hard to excel in all ways I can. I want to prove to the world that local designers can shine too.


People told me I can’t learn soccer if I didn’t play it since young, I now juggle a squash ball with my weaker foot. People told me I can’t just switch industry if I didn’t major in that area. I pass the profession certification and got the job before I even graduate from my degree. People told me you cannot fight the system and bureaucracy, I went from contract staff to getting accelerated promotion. People told me she will never like me, we are getting married soon. I like it when people tell it can’t be done.

Jeffrey Teng

I owned my first G-Shock DW-002 for my 17th Birthday in 1996 from a group of awesome friends. It was the greatest gift I ever gotten. Currently I own 5 G-Shock watches and they are simply lovely!

Yvonne Perpetua

When I took the plunge from a prestigious civil servant role to marketing, no one was for the idea. I championed digital while at it, when none including my bosses at that time believed me, but I became the catalyst and change agent for digital transformation for organisations. I made a name for myself and I am a GAME CHANGER.

Victoria Hay

Being a Police Officer is not just to fight crime, but also protect the vulnerable. You need to be tenacious yet sensitive and emphatic when required. You must be able to think on your feet and remain calm in critical situations. The most defining moment of my career happened during the Little India Riot. We were heavily outnumbered, it was chaotic, but we held our ground. The incident reminded me not to take our peace and harmony for granted.

Dylan Koay

Wearing a G-Shock was my childhood dream. From the designs to materials, G-SHOCK give me different kinds of look and personality. As a G-SHOCK wearer, collectors and fans, I am so excited when there are new model launching.


I have been smoking more than 1 pack of cigarette a day for more than 10 years. On Xmas eve 2013 I challenged myself to be healthier and to quit smoking. Many of my friends said I cannot do it, and they keep asking me to join them for smokes. And today, I am proud to say that I have not smoked since then.

Daphne Ho

Fear Fear results in insecurity, lack of confidence and procrastination. It primarily comes from lack of understanding. To live in fear is to live in an emotional prison. I want to become a more confident person.

Haziq Anwar

I once believe myself that I am a failure, I couldn't get the best of grades in class and I was over the edge of giving up. Till one day someone gave me advice and I learned the meaning of working with passion. It doesn't matter if you are the smartest or the slowest, what truly matters is your determination and skills, how far you are willing to go for the next step.

Tay SY

I provide a safe environment for children to try, fail and try again in order to discover their potential. I teach them life skills to overcome challenges and support them in their learning aspirations. I’m a game changer in the education field.

Ying Hui

After running for years, I decided to register for a 50KM to push myself even further. Though the trainings are hard, getting the medal and running past the finishing line makes everything worth it.


Since young, I’ve always viewed the square G-Shocks in awe. The iconic design, discreet black colour and all-purpose ruggedness. It’s an icon, a quintessential piece in my watch collection. Years forward, I now have now the DW-5600E-1V on my wrist. Though I own a few watches right now, if I were to ever leave my house in a hurry, I’ll just grab my G-Shock without hesitation. This is my story.

Lionel Huang

My game changing moment is when my Daughter was borned (just recently)! And both my Wife and I are overwhelmed and proud to promote into parents to give our Daughter the best moments in her life.

Dave Ng

Always a big fan of G-SHOCK watches and a watch collector. Time keeping had always been an important factor to me as I’m an Amateur astronomer and astrophotographer in Singapore. Timing has played a big part in astronomy photos to balance out the light pollution in my photos.


I've been a fan of these G-SHOCK since my childhood. Wear them through storms and tides. Even hustle to purchase one when my precious one got stolen during my school time. No matter how hard life gets, this G-SHOCK watch will always be with me.

Liong Yan Lin

I was at my lowest point in secondary 3 as my grades were the worst and I ranked last in class. My family never give up on me and encourages me despite me having to repeat secondary 3. Using all the encouragement and support given to me, I came from the last to be the 2nd of the entire cohort and subsequently pass with flying colours results to go JC.

puay hoon

My game changing moment was when I made the decision to leave my corporate role to pursue my passion in a possibly (very) challenging environment, in bid to do my part in preserving our local culture.

Leonard Goh

The game changing moment for me was when I worked in a company that had bad practices and did not listen to it’s employees. From there, I’ve learnt what not to do in the future. And I’ve carried these lessons to me now to revolutionize the industry which I am in, across 5 countries.


Always been a huge fan of G-SHOCK watches! And it has play a huge part in my freestyle football life , always keeping track of my training time. A professional freestyle footballer in Singapore.


Started doing skool shows as a way to promote local talent in HipHop culture. I have broke ground for SHigga Shay in 2009, Harris Bag and SG BeatBox Champ Zul Mystroe 2 a newer group of audience through skool shows.


When I first graduated, it was tough to land a job due to my poor academic results. I was perceived as the kid who was never in school, the one who didn't put in any effort. Eventually, I was given a chance by an MNC who were able to look beyond my results. I worked hard, learn, put in extra hours and upgraded myself through further studies. Today, I can say I didn't disappoint those who believed in me.


I've just become a father to my wonderful baby boy. With a new baby, I've realized that I need to up my game to be more inclusive, more responsible and more helpful not only to my baby, but also to my wife who need all the help to get through pregnancy and birth, and now the upbringing of a baby.


I believe memories and milestones are essential in our life. As someone who appreciate memories deeply, G-shock is the perfect representation for each milestone I have achieved in life since young to college, a present from my mum and many more. Time is essence, and I will continue this journey to own more G-shocks for me to one day pass it down the next generation.

Kelvin Heng

Since young, I develop aquaphobia during a near drowning incident and it leaves a bug impact on me when I was being mocked at in schools. My gamechanging moment came when I was enlisted to Naval Diving Unit for NS. This journey allows me to graduate with pride as I overcome my fear and learn not to give up and believing in yourself. Never Will I Fail My Team, Nothing Stands In Our Way. Hooya!


I would like to score an invitation for 2 to the event. I recently bought a Casio G-Shock Tough Solar KING GX-56BB-1DR and is loving it. It has been my daily driver and nothing beats G-Shock in terms of functionality and toughness. Looking forward to meeting the Father of G-Shock Mr Kikuo Ibe! Thank You very Much Casio!

Rudy Sembiring

Fighting for a better future for my newborn twins. Always fighting to give the next generation a better growing up environment than what we had.

Muhammed Faized Bin Salim

I am educator and constantly on the lookout to make my classes more than just chalk and talk. For example, I have incorporated the Lego Serious Play methodology into my classroom and gotten positive feedback from the students.


I was diagnosed with kidney failure 6 years ago. Emotionally, it affected me quite a fair bit. However, it was clear to me that I need to fight on. Fortunately, my mom was able to donate her kidney to me and the operation was a success. Since then, I have returned to the society to continue my contribution despite this setback.

See chun yan

My game changing moment came when I completed my 1st 100km team trail run at Oxfam trailwalker charity race. All 4 members in the team must complete the 100km together and we raised in total SGD25,000 for the charity.

Anthony Chua

Recovering from a near-fatal motorcycle accident back in 2015 has forever changed me in the way I view my life. Where others have lost their ability to walk, I have recovered well enough to run and climb mountains, thanks to the marvellous wonders of medical science. But to me, the real game changer weren't just the implants in my broken spine, but also the fighting spirit I muster to get back on my feet.

Nicole low

After pushing myself to the max and burned out, I’ve decided to take a step back and rest. On 29.6.2019, it all changed, as I embark on what I thought was a “chill” race it turns into one with many surprises. I broke the record of 40 mins, finishing the race at 39.19 and what I would later find out, a new U23 10,000m record. Do what you love, and you will succeed.